Weekly Report 26 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 26 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:41 pm

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The past week has seen the region receive some handy rainfalls which will have benefits leading into the Easter weekend with conditions expecting to improve. The reef reports have been very quiet mainly due to the strong winds preventing vessels from venturing out wide, however there is hope that this will change for the weekend allowing boats of all sizes to hit the blue highway. The good sign is that the water temperature has dropped and as it continues to do so the reef fishing will improve.

The rivers and creeks have received a bit of flush out making the fishing hard in the this past week but it should be ready to re-ignite as we speak as the water clarity returns. The only real species to revel during the rain periods was the mangrove jack according to a long term local angler who has spent a bit of time on the water in the pouring rain. The good old smelly pilchard was the secret weapon in the murky conditions. Yet talking with some of the local guides they believe this last batch of rain will see a fair bit of activity return to the coastal waters especially down around the river and creek mouths and spreading down along the beaches. Hot spots will include Cooya and Wonga Beaches which really fired up after the last bit of rain a few weeks ago. With the likelihood of prawn and mullet schools to be abundant this will attract quite a few other species such as barra, trevally, queenfish and blue salmon. You'd also expect Snapper Island to be quite productive with a cooling water temperature and there should be some monster size queenfish patrolling these waters and with possibly a few more Spanish mackerel as well.

I'm looking forward to a 4 day trip up to Lockhart River over Easter and they've received more substantial rain up north, so hopefully these waters have cleared sufficiently. No matter where you go, enjoy your time on the water during this holiday break. I suspect the fishing may just be absolutely cherry ripe this time around.

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