Weekly Report 18 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 18 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:27 pm

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After some nasty wet season weather it's been a relief to see the sun out shining and the calm seas return. It's been the perfect opportunity of late to hit the water in pursuit of some angling fun. As soon as the weather permitted many opted to hit the blue water and the fishing was on fire. First day back after an extended lay off Dragon Lady charters went out and slammed into the fish and in particular the large mouth nannygai. Skipper Steve said it was as if we all had a bit of holiday during the rough weather including the fish and when we all came back to work it was all systems on the go.

There was a mixture of fish recorded over a few days including nannygai, good sized coral trout and gold spot trevally. Then Dragon Lady stumbled across the single tide day where there was literally no water movement and they went from hero to zero. It's not common to experience a one tide day and Steve said the ocean was lifeless this day despite the glorious conditions. He reckoned they were better off staying home on this particular occasion. The following day the tides improved and so did the fishing, so this goes to show that some tide movement is important.

On the rivers and creeks water conditions improved considerably and following a decent flush out the fishing returned in spades at times. On a variety of levels there's been some handy reports of barra and mangrove jack being caught in the rivers and estuaries whilst there's been a bit more action along the beaches with a handy supply of fresh bait around. Trevally , queenfish, blue salmon, barra and flathead have been registered by several locals with Cooya and Wonga beaches seeing some of the better action. The short term forecast looks absolutely sensational and with good tides in tow it should be quite a productive week on the fishing front.

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