Weekly Report 22 May 13

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Weekly Report 22 May 13

Post by Brad » Wed May 22, 2013 2:03 pm

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It has been a very productive period on the water over the past week particularly for those who have ventured offshore. The reef reports certainly continue to impress with good hauls of fish being caught and there's a variety of quality table fish on offer. Dragon Lady Charters have been right at the forefront of the action returning back to base each day with a plethora of reef fish including plenty of monster large mouth nannygai, handy numbers of coral trout, big reef mangrove jack, thumping golden and gold spot trevally, Spanish mackerel, sweetlip, small mouth nannygai, several red emperor and also long nose emperor. Skipper Steve said it's been a really consistent week or so and with the fish in an aggressive mood it has made his task a rather easy one. The weather has
mostly been kind enough to fish his preferred deeper spots and to his delight the sharks have been void for a change.

On the bluewater scene game boats Saltaire and Reel Chase have been back into the local action and are now starting to find the Spanish mackerel in more solid numbers mostly ranging between the 6-7kg mark. Trolling a spread of hard body lures and garfish both skippers have said once they've found where the bite is they are consistently turning reels from that point on. They've also experienced some really good fishing chasing the giant trevally on the poppers as well with some trips registering in excess of 20 fish being caught and released.

In the rivers and creeks Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing has said there's still some good action to be had with his report registering plenty of mangrove jack and the odd big barra is still prepared to play. Other fish to be caught with regularity have included grunter, plump sized bream, with a few queenfish and trevally thrown in as well. As we speak there's a heap of locals heading into Lakefield National Park with the road now open and barramundi is on the agenda. It will be interesting to see how the fishing is and reports indicate that they have seen enough of a wet season there to produce some good results. I'll have more on this in next week's report. With the weather coming in over the next several days heading out bush sounds like a good plan to me.

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