Weekly Report 4 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 4 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:34 pm

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The Douglas fishing fraternity must feel like it has 'run over a chinaman' as the weather gods have dished up another block of nasty weather. The forecasters are not painting a pretty picture either with the freshening winds expected to continue into next week.
There was a couple of days in the last week where the weather did drop out nicely allowing some activity on the ocean scene. As expected the fish were on the chew for this time of the year and catches were substantial. Dragon Lady Skipper Steve Adamson said they had a couple of days on the water with the first being quite productive on the large mouth nannygai which they caught in good numbers and sizes up to 8kg.

These were backed up by quite a few coral trout as well and they landed several mackerel on their floating pilchard rig. He said the mackerel are well and truly here and all that is a clear run on the water to really take advantage of their numbers. The second trip he said the fish were also on the bite but the sharks on this day were ferocious claiming a lot of fish. Over a 13 mile stretch of water the sharks were thick and were present at every hang for the day.

He said they couldn't have been the same sharks following them because at one point they steamed at 20 knots for half an hour and when they pulled up the sharks were there again. He said that he'll give this particular area a miss for a bit because the sharks just spoiled the day. Steve said they were lucky to bring back the dozen or so coral trout that escaped the clutches of those pesky sharks. At the moment day after day of charter is being lost to the weather and he says it has been a testing month or so, but you can't do much about it.

In the rivers and creeks our winter bread and butter species such as bream and grunter have been a staple catch of late with a few more sickle fish turning up as well. There has been some activity on your mid sized trevally and queenfish on the incoming tides with the occasional good sized mangrove jack biting hard up against the snags. With the long weekend coming up a lot of locals are heading inland for a spot of camping and fishing at locations such as the Mitchell River, Lake Tinaroo and Lakefield national Park. Considering it is going to blowy weekend along the coast there is a lot of merit in heading over the range for a bit of action.

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