Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:38 pm

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It felt like an eternity but the horrible run of windy weather eventually settled at the start of the week. This was a welcomed relief as charters and angling enthusiasts were forwarded the opportunity to head offshore and were duly rewarded with an array of fish on the bite. Despite the water being quite discoloured on certain parts of the reef there's no question that the Spanish mackerel brigade are here in full force.

Our closest outer reefs are holding good numbers of these fish mostly between the 7kg-15kg mark and once sourced they have been easy pickings on the troll. Damian Colette of Saltaire Charters said he hasn't had to travel that far to find these speedsters and has been consistently turning reels for most of the day during his trips. He was a bit concerned with the dirty
water but he said it didn't deter the fish from biting at all. In fact once they saw a lure it was ambushed immediately with several fish at times fighting over the same product. Finding pressure points on the reef is the key and a bit of run in the current certainly spurs these fish on.

On the bottom bashing scene it was straight back into business with the fish in an aggressive mood. Coral trout and large mouth nannygai were on the menu in good numbers and even the most inexperienced anglers enjoyed success. Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady Charters said the fish were almost suicidal at times and not much angling prowess was needed to hook into a fish. He said
the coral trout were mostly around the 3-4kg mark but in really healthy numbers and a lot of the large mouth were between the 40-50cm mark which are just ideal for the plate.

He also acknowledged that the Spanish mackerel were around in better numbers and they saw some good action on the floating rigs whilst at anchor. He said however certain parts of the reef are holding high numbers of sharks and he has been avoiding these areas like the plague. He knows the general area where they are gathering and is not tempted to even go near there. He says the sharks are the only reason at this time of year for them not to come home with a good feed of fish. Looking ahead the weather looks quite reasonable with some fantastic days on the water forecast in the near future. It's days like these you never take for granted especially after the horror run of weather we've experienced over the past month.

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