Report Fri 24th Mar 06

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Report Fri 24th Mar 06

Post by Brad » Sat Mar 25, 2006 4:09 am

Just prior to the arrival of Cyclone Larry the reef fishing exploded, with coral trout coming on the chew. The action was non-stop with trout biting hard for most of the daylight hours. They must have sensed something ahead and decided to fatten up before shutting down to ride out the cyclone.

Inshore there are jelly prawn hatches starting on the beaches with a few tarpon feeding a few feet from shore. The water is still coffee in colour and when this clears it will be open season along the beach, especially for the fly fishing brigade.

In the rivers and creeks there is a huge congregation of bait at the entrances and the mangrove jack, trevally and barramundi are smashing into these schools, gorging themselves. Down here at the marina you can see the surface action is no-stop, as bait schools are being spread eagled all over the place. The rivers and creeks are faring well, as we did not receive huge amounts of rain from the cyclone.

Our thoughts are with those at Innisfail and surrounding beach communities. If Larry had hit Port Douglas it too would have blown us off the map.

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