Weekly Report 27 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 27 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:12 pm

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It been a mixed bag of weather over the past week mainly allowing the bigger boats to head offshore most of the time and keeping the smaller brigade closer to home. On the reef it has been mostly consistent fishing overall with the coral trout being the main staple catch according to various reports. Due to the moderate to fresh winds, protected waters have been the preferred choice and the trout have bitten well especially on the turn of the tide. The 20-30m range has also produced some smaller larger mouth nannygai and the Spanish mackerel have at times moved into these shallower waters as well.

Skipper Steve of Dragon Lady Charters said return rates were reasonable but they have had trouble being able to fish their mother lode hangs due to the winds. He went on to further say that the coral trout have been the main saviour along with sweetlip, stripeys and moses perch which are all fantastic on the plate. He did mention at some sections of the reef the sharks are ferocious nailing hooked fish almost instantaneously. He said it wasn't a matter of getting the fish half way up before they moved in but within a few seconds of the successful strike. They certainly are not a declining species up this way despite what is sometimes publicised elsewhere.

Closer to home the Snapper Island region is seeing some Spanish mackerel move into the inshore waters and from reports the inshore patches and reefs are fishing well for bar cheek coral trout and grassy sweetlip. In the river system itself there are some of those classic big queenfish cruising the main channel up to a mile or so before the ferry. Jamie Beitzel of On the Daintree Charters also reports that the fingermark are still well and truly on the chew in the deeper sections of the river and there is some value across the flats with golden trevally and javelin fish. With neap tides on the go this system is predicted to fish well in the next few days.

Looking ahead the weather for Thursday & Friday look like the best chance to head offshore especially for the smaller boats and the weekend may have a bit a breeze about it. If you are looking to make a trip with an experienced guide give us a call with all river and reef options covered with Fishing Port Douglas.

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