Weekly Report 9 Jul 13

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Weekly Report 9 Jul 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:44 pm

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Recent times have seen us experience some of the dirtiest, nastiest weather you could expect to see for a tropical winter period. Winds gusting up to 40 knots and associated rain squalls have made things rather miserable of late. It doesn't help either when you have a town bursting at the seams with tourists of which many are looking to wet a line. There's been 'Buckley's and none' in regards to heading offshore and the forecast is not painting a bright picture either in the short term future.

This has forced the locals and tourists alike no choice but to wet a line in our regional rivers and creeks. When the weather is like as it has been, it doesn't really assist the fishing in the calmer waters. When the winds and tides are colliding it makes for rather dirty water and whatever water is entering the systems on an incoming tide is also dirty, murky water from the ocean. From reports I'm hearing that big fat plump bream are thriving in the current conditions along with a few grunter as well. There's been a smattering of queenfish and trevally in the main channels and deep holes but not in huge numbers.

There's been a few mangrove jack caught in the side creeks in more sheltered water along with a few fingermark but not of any significant size. Fresh dead baits are accounting for the majority of fish in the unclear waters. Those who have bothered with the time and effort have been producing some quality mud crabs in the estuaries and creeks and has been probably the highlight of the week. Other than this it certainly has been a frustrating time and we can't wait for the skies to clear and for those howling winds to get the hell out of here.

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