Weekly Report 6 Aug 13

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Weekly Report 6 Aug 13

Post by Brad » Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:17 pm

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It has been a week of bliss with bright sunny conditions and calm waters on the sea. The good news is that this trend looks like continuing over the coming days which will delight everyone. As to be expected there's been a flurry of reports coming back from the reef all mainly of a positive note. There's been solid numbers of coral trout to be caught from you legal size right up to the 5kg mark which are an impressive fish. There continues to be a mixed range of large mouth nannygai from your 2kg range right up to your super sized 8-9kg models. These catches have been value added with a smattering of other species including spangled emperor, gold spot trevally, sweetlip, cobia and a range of mackerel including your Spanish and spotted variety.

Skipper Steve of Dragon Lady Charters says it's been a wonderful period on the water mainly due to the calming conditions and the fishing has been quite reasonable. He said the days varied from good to excellent and the only hurdle has been a few sharks which robbed a lot of fish on the odd day. He says once they are around you literally have to put some miles in at speed to escape from them as they can follow you from spot to spot. He's optimistic that the good results will continue under the current conditions.

Along the coast and up and down the rivers the winter species are still prevalent including bream, mid sized trevally and queenfish. Jake Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing has found the outgoing tides in the morning quite productive especially for the mangrove jack. The afternoon incoming tides is when you'll see your trevally, queenfish and the likes frequent the waters. There's been the odd barra prepared to bite but they just aren't super aggressive about their approach. Jake believes the string of bright sunny days that we are experiencing may entice a few more to have a go. With a pleasant forecast ahead bookings are quite busy amongst the charter operators and there's sure to be a fleet of locals joining them over the weekend. If you'd like any advice when it comes to the charters around town give us a call.

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