Weekly Report 4 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 4 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:30 am

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It appears that the weather gods have struck back with a vengeance lashing the coastline with harrowing winds and barrelling rain squalls. Not quite the weather one would expect this time of the year. Consequently this has kept all and sundry back in the shelter of the harbour or up the creek wetting a line.

Talking with Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady charters he cannot believe the rollercoaster weather that has been dished up in the recent months. He said it has been like a bit of Jekyll and Hyde this year and one cannot get a grip of what to expect ahead. If we get the weather at least we can expect the fishing to be quite reasonable at this time of year. For the crew it has been a week of catching up on jobs and completing maintenance on the boat. Looking ahead there is hope that the winds will abate to some degree over the weekend and they can once again continue with their steady stream of bookings.

This has left this week's pickings to be small boat the brigade to fight it out amongst themselves up the stock local rivers and creeks. According to Jake Wyatt e of Port Douglas Sportfishing the traffic has been bumper to bumper up the local estuary and for some tempers became a bit frayed. He said at certain times the calm water resembled a busy highway with boats of all sizes battling each other for position along this sensitive stretch of water. Despite the overload of vessels and disturbance he said he faired reasonably well catching his quota of mangrove jack, grunter and bream for the week.

The unsettling conditions made the fish a bit more tentative than usual and the options were limited because there was not even a chance to poke his nose out around the front to explore the coastline. He said on Monday and Tuesday there big white caps rolling into the harbour and things looked quite ugly beyond the leads. For the short term it is a matter of dealing with what is at hand and do the best job possible for his clients in the challenging conditions. Jake went onto to further say that you never take for granted the good weather when it comes around as it makes life a damn sight easier in his trade. Let's hope this batch of turbulence can move on over the weekend and we can enjoy the greener pastures on the other side.

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