Weekly Report 8 Oct 13

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Weekly Report 8 Oct 13

Post by Brad » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:13 pm

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Our amazing run of weather continued over the past week offering plenty of opportunity to wet a line in whatever fashion you decided. Following the reef closures whereby the reef species were spawning, as to be expected the coral trout came back on the bite in twofold. Having aggregated into the shallower sections of the reef to complete their spawning process, their focus quickly shifted to food having probably not fed for several days. For those in the know these aggregation points are a prime opportunity to snare a few trout whilst they are about in concentrated numbers and also in a ravenous mood.

Gradually they disperse back out into the deeper water and this is happening as we speak. Dragon Lady charters enjoyed a bumper few days on the coral trout and Skipper Steve said it was relatively easy fishing there for awhile. He said he could have easily caught the boat bag limit each day but once the punters had acquired a few fish for a feed he moved on to other pastures. Other fish to mix it up with the coral trout were spangled emperor in good numbers and sizes, as well as stripeys and sweetlip.

On the shelf the signs are building up for a good heavy tackle marlin season. Saltaire Charters have been sighting quite a few smaller black marlin up to 300lb but on the weekend they latched onto a 700lb beauty which they successfully reeled into the boat, tagged it and then released it in prime condition. According to Skipper Damian Colette there is not much traffic out there in terms of vessels with the bulk of the boats fishing further north along the Ribbon Reefs. He was wrapped to get their first big marlin in for the season and intends to take advantage of the peace and quiet on The Bank and Opal Ridge before the fleet arrive back towards the end of the month.

Besides the marlin the light tackle scene has been quite good as well with some big wahoo, Spanish mackerel and yellowfin tuna to have a crack at as well using the stand up gear. Quite a few of the yellowfin are pushing up to the 30-40kg mark and are offering some great angling. The winds are expected to pick up a tad over the next few days which may keep smaller craft closer to home but there is no real threat of anything nasty. The weekend tides offer a bit of run so the fishing should be productive whether you are fishing inshore or offshore.

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