Weekly Report 22 Oct 13

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Weekly Report 22 Oct 13

Post by Brad » Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:16 am

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It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride this past week in the fishing world in Far North Qld. Freshening winds and massive tides through a spanner in the works over the weekend but conditions have eased for the moment bringing back some normality. The reef fishing was generally tough in the last week with vessels opting to fish in the more shallower protected sections of the reef whilst the winds were up. There was a few coral trout to be caught but not in significant and there was your usual suspects as well including spangled emperor, sweetlip and stripeys. The sharks however were ferocious at times and put a dent in quite a few sessions dropping numbers of fish caught.

There were a couple of fair weather days where there was the opportunity to fish a bit deeper and the results were better. Although numbers weren't huge there was some quality large mouth nannygai, cobia and reef jack caught which makes the esky look a bit more worthwhile. Skipper Steve Adamson said it is a bit of a lottery draw at the moment and you have to keep trying something different each day. Eventually things will go to plan and there are still some nice fish about to be caught. According to Saltaire Charters they've had good success on the Spanish mackerel over the last few days trolling the deeper sides of the reef. Generally speaking you'll find 3-4 fish working the same patch of turf and once they've been caught it has been a matter of pushing on and finding that next batch. Most fish have been around the 8-12kg mark.

In the rivers and creeks there have been reports of good barra being caught closer to the river mouths using live baits. With the bigger tides of late the salt water has been pushing right upstream bringing with it trevally, tarpon, queenfish in the main channels. Across the flats using fresh dead baits in the murky water has been productive for catching javelin fish and golden trevally. There are also pockets in the rivers holding good structure that are providing great action on the mangrove jacks with reports saying there are a lot of fish around the 50cm mark which is truly quality. Looking ahead the winds may come up again on the weekend but the consolation is the inshore scene is fishing well and should produce some good results with neap tides on the go.

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