Weekly Report 21 Nov 13

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Weekly Report 21 Nov 13

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:45 pm

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Stunning conditions have dominated the weather pattern recently albeit a tad warm. The fishing overall has been luke warm to boiling hot as well. On the reef each day has produced a different outcome according to Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady Charters. It seemed different species were tag teaming from day to day and conquered the catch. Some days it was the coral trout on the chew, the next it was the large mouth nannygai, followed by the gold spot trevally and on one occasion it was a day for the Spanish flag. On this particular day the crew stumbled across a honey pot of stripeys all registering around the 40cm mark which is on the large size for this species. Other species to add to the creel have included moses perch, Spanish mackerel caught on the float, spangled emperor, cobia and a few cod. Steve said it has been mostly good fishing especially for this time of the year when catches can be a bit spasmodic at times.

The marlin fishing went through a quiet patch recently but as it often happens it is back on fire with catch rates on the rise again. There are a lot of big fish out there this year around the magical 1000lb mark and there is a multitude of fish around that 150-200lb range. There has been quite a few multiple hook ups amongst the action and this creates absolute chaos on the deck. The key to having success on the marlin is to keep searching for that bluish purple cobalt water which offers the best fishing. Of late there has been a lot of dirty water coming through with certain currents and you are best leaving this area in search of cleaner water. Conditions at one location can change day by day and it can require covering a fair bit of ground at times in search of the bite.

On the same grounds on the shelf there is a bit of action on offer for the light tackle brigade with patches of dolphin fish having just arrived, there are plenty of pockets of yellowfin tuna working the surface and there's always your roaming wahoo cruising around. There is no better place at the moment in the world which will offer better angling opportunities than our local game fishing grounds. The weather looks like it going to remain glamorous in the near future with a touch of north easterly wind set to arrive over the weekend. If the winds remain light the fishing will be just fine.

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