Weekly Report 1 Dec 13

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Weekly Report 1 Dec 13

Post by Brad » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:06 pm

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A real tropical affair has swept across the region of late with still and humid hot days transformed into a cascade of sultry thunderstorms and rain in the late afternoons and evenings. It is what you'd interpret as to the build up to the wet season and it has made the fishing a tale of two stories. By morning the seas are calm and conditions quite conducive to heading offshore, however by early afternoon the clouds start gathering on the ranges and with winds coming from the north/ north west it changes the whole landscape and can make boating a dangerous proposition. According to Steve Adamson aboard the Dragon Lady Charter he says the weather is like Jekyl and Hyde over the course of day.

After a hot and insipid few hours on the water when the storms came through he said it dished up some nasty conditions and it was the real deal. He said it was no place for any small craft to be caught up in those conditions. He said the fishing has been generally tough on the reef being able to source a couple of quality fish per hang. He said you'd catch a couple of nice trout or trevally and then all that kept biting was your sweetlip, stripeys and moses perch. He did acknowledge that the moses perch have been on the larger size for these species. There's been enough fish around to keep the punters happy but it is far from red hot fishing at the moment.

On the game fishing scene a bit of life has breathed back into the marlin scene with several good fish registered on our local grounds over the past week. They went amiss for a couple of weeks but Damian Colette of Saltaire Charters was always confident they'd make a bit of a comeback. He said that no-one really knew where they had disappeared to momentarily but they had to return once the water conditions improved because they were here to breed. He did mention that having spent a few nights on the reef that the evening tropical storms kept him on edge and said they'd experienced up to 40 knot winds at times which was a bit hairy.

In our rivers and creeks the Daintree is fishing well for mangrove jack and fingermark and there's quite a few mid sized queenfish throughout the system according to James Beitzel. Also there's been some great fun to be had catching the thick schools of tarpon which have been residing in the deeper holes. The immediate outlook will see more calm seas during the day but be so ever watchful as the storms start brewing on the horizon or on the ranges. It is predicted that the bigger cells may come from any direction and you don't want to be caught up in these particularly if you are in a smaller vessel.

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