Weekly Report 13 Dec 13

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Weekly Report 13 Dec 13

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 13, 2013 1:53 pm

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Hot and calm days consume the region at the moment and look set to continue in the short term future. Last weekend we had three of our local charter operators represented in the 30th Anniversary of the Ladies Ribbons Tournament in Cairns. With 54 boats entered the competition was fierce and our local fleet held their own and with a bit more luck would have featured heavily in the final results. Dragon Lady sourced 4 game fish for the weigh in with the best being a 10kg dolphin fish. They did have a small black marlin amongst the spread of lures at the back of the boat and having watched a couple of strikes without a hook-up the marlin then disappeared.

Saltaire registered a few mackerel for the weigh in and also had a small black marlin amongst the spread whacking at lures without latching on properly. Reel Chase had a real chance of success with a double hook up on sailfish. If they had successfully tagged these fish the overall tournament would have been theirs. Unfortunately one sailfish jumped off early in the fight and the second one eventually spat the hooks 15 minutes or so later. Conditions were very sloppy on the Saturday but there were still quite a few billfish tagged amongst the other vessels which indicates there are still a few marlin floating around.

Back on local reef grounds the fishing proved to be quite fruitful at the start of the week. According to locals the inshore patches and wonky holes are producing some quality large mouth nannygai and there's the odd bruising gold spot cod to deal with. On the outer reef the fishing has been surprisingly good according to Dragon Lady Charters. Skipper Steve said they've been catching some superb coral and bar cheek trout between the 3-5kg range. There's been quite a few spangled emperor around, plenty of sweetlip, trevally aren't to hard to come by and there's been a few cobia as well. Well inside the reef itself they also managed to pick up a small black marlin around 100lbs in weight whilst trolling some pinnacles for Spanish mackerel. There were no mackerel to be caught but a black marlin is a great substitute according to Steve. He said the clients were absolutely delighted and acquired some fantastic photos.

As already mentioned the weather looks conducive to heading offshore but a little bird told me to keep an eye out for building late afternoon storms in the next couple of days. That little bird has been pretty spot on with his predictions in recent times.

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