Weekly Report 18 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 18 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:54 pm

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The dream run of weather certainly came to a grinding halt over the weekend putting pay to a range of fishing options. Strong winds and a good dousing of rain dominated the landscape with up to 9 inches of rain recorded in the Daintree region in recent times. Just prior to the change in weather the continuous run of hot days over the New Year period finally took its toll on the reef fishing efforts. Water temperatures were soaring and the fishing catches plummeted as the days went by. Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady charters commented that the last couple of days leading into the transformation of conditions were extremely tough going. The ocean was lifeless, fish were lethargic and even the bait fish were disinterested. Naturally catch rates were well down with only a smattering of fish returning to the docks. The following days were cancelled due to the inclement weather and charters look like resuming as we speak towards the back end of the week.

This has seen an increase in traffic up our local creeks and rivers and from reports filtering through the fishing has been reasonable. Big high tides and extra rainfall has seen quite a bit of water movement travel in and out of the systems. Of late the morning outgoing tide has seen the mangrove jack relish in the conditions. They've been busy at junction points pooling in good numbers and waiting in ambush for food to be flushed their way. Jake Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing reports that he's predominantly caught mangrove jacks on all trips and whilst the water has been discoloured the old fashioned pilchard has by far out-fished live baits and lures for these species. The jacks have been impressive in size with most going legal in size up to a punishing 45cm in length. Other species to have shown some consistency have been medium sized Gt's on the incoming tides and the bream have remained a consistent catch all day.

Interestingly a lot of anglers have been registering mud crabs caught on their line as well. With the onset of rain and big tides they've been definitely on the move and has been a good time to set some pots. Looking ahead it seems we'll have some reprieve in the weather which will see some offshore reports return to the agenda but one has the feeling we'll see a lot more rain from this point on.

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