Weekly Report 31 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 31 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 31, 2014 8:47 am

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There's no question that the topic on everyone's lips at the moment is the wild weather we are currently experiencing. Will it develop into a cyclone and if so where is it due to cross the coast? We'll soon know the answers but general opinion is that if it does develop into a cyclone and cross the coast it will be well south of the Douglas Region which would be a welcome relief.

In the meantime we have experienced solid rains for quite a few days now and some of the winds have been beyond fresh to frightening. Wind gusts to in excess of 35 knots have been common on the outer reefs which is almost like a mini-cyclone itself. Naturally this adverse weather has put to pay any form of fishing in recent times including the more sheltered rivers and creeks which have been in flash flood of late. The good news is that influx of rain could very well assist the barramundi with their spawning process just in time before the opening of the season on the 1st February. During heavy rainfall barra are renowned for gathering at river and creek mouths to instigate the breeding program and can be vulnerable to any netting processes in the open season. Hopefully this recent rain has done the job and they are now moving back into the upper reaches of our water systems.

I guess if you are super keen do something immediately the heavy rainfall would have prompted many a mud crab out of the mangroves in search of some saltwater and should be around in numbers within the creeks and rivers as well along the coastal mangrove flats. There might be a bit of the break in the weather during the course of the weekend but I suspect we'll need quite a few days of no rain and calm weather for this properly fire up our inshore fishery. Once we do receive a decent break the coastline will be alive with a host of new life and will certainly create quite a few hotspots.

In the meantime, do some maintenance on your boats, clean out and refresh your tackle boxes and wait for the next window of opportunity. There will be quite a few instances like this during the course of the wet season.

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