Weekly Report 5 Feb 14

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Weekly Report 5 Feb 14

Post by Brad » Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:14 pm

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It's been a week of what one would describe as a typical wet season program, gloomy skies and plenty of rain at times. Luckily the winds haven't been too bad mostly and there's been the opportunity to still hit the water. Tourist numbers have been very slim and there's not a great deal of charter work happening around the traps.

Dragon Lady was able to get out last Sunday with myself doing the decks this day with Skipper Steve Adamson and we luckily enjoyed calm overcast conditions but it was extremely steamy with very light winds trickling in from the west, then the north, before a cool southerly breeze reached us late in the day. We trolled lures and garfish for half a day with no sign of a mackerel to be found anywhere. This however was substituted for a marlin hook-up mid morning estimated in excess of 120lb. It caught everyone by surprise when it launched into orbit and proceeded to greyhound across the surface half a dozen times.

Only being hooked up to a hard body diving lure with treble hooks it finally dislodged itself from the point of impact and disappeared. Coming across a marlin in February is a rarity and was definitely a highlight for the day. The afternoon was spent reef fishing and it didn't fire till mid afternoon. A few large mouth nannygai (the biggest at 7kg), a 4kg reef mangrove jack, a 2.5kg cattle dog cod and a 10kg red emperor was the end result. Not huge numbers of fish but there was some pure quality within the catch. Skipper Steve said you don't often complete a grand slam of hooking up to a marlin and catching big red emperor, large mouth nannygai and reef mangrove jack in a day's fishing.

In the rivers Jake Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing reported catching a few mangrove jacks within the local estuary as well as a swag a mid sized giant trevally. The tides were absolutely massive over the weekend and the extra rain only inflated the massive amount of water moving in and out of the system. The local boat ramp on the morning high tides was engulfed by water and basically inaccessible. He believes this will only present more bait and activity along the local beaches in the coming days and the more neapish tides should be better for up the river or estuary.

Looking ahead we seem to be surrounded by tropical lows and cyclones in the tropical far north. Locally we'll continue to see more rain but the winds should be fine in the short term future.

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