Weekly Report 13 Feb 14

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Weekly Report 13 Feb 14

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:58 pm

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It appears for the moment that we have broken the shackles form the onslaught of recent rains and look forward to a window of opportunity ahead to hit the water in the coming days. It seemed the rains were never going to disperse as we recorded solids rains across the region for over a week but we are momentarily in the clear.

The huge amount of deluge pushed a mountain of water out to sea and miles offshore you could see the demarcation line where the fresh meets the salt. In tow has been a barrage of floating debris and one will want to keep a keen set of eyes when travelling around on the water. There are plenty of big obstacles such as floating trees, logs and branches around and represents a mine field of potential danger if you happen to hit any of them.

Unfortunately fishing reports have been slim of late with a couple of charters picking up a smattering of fish such as coral trout, sweetlip, stripey and moses perch on the reef whilst the predominant fish up the creeks has been the mangrove jack which is not surprising considering the adverse weather we have received. But in saying all this the weekend weather looks delightful and I'm sure there'll be a hive of activity at the boat ramps and marina all looking for an enjoyable day on the blue water.

After an extended rest from the anglers hopefully the fish will be in an aggressive mood on the reef but once again be careful in your travels. One area to keep an eye out for will be along the beaches and headlands which will be in abundance with fresh new life from the recent rains. Prawns, schools of bait fish and the possibility of some jelly prawn hatches will certainly be closely scrutinized by our local predatory species such as trevally, queenfish, blue salmon, grunter and barra. The school and grey mackerel should also be around the coastal reefs and inshore patches.

So after a taste of 'going tropo' these current conditions are absolute prime time to bear fruit during the wet season. Enjoy the sun and calm weather whilst it lasts because you don't know what lies around the corner.

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