Weekly Report 25 Feb 14

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Weekly Report 25 Feb 14

Post by Brad » Tue Feb 25, 2014 7:32 pm

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Immediately following last weeks editorial there was a significant report which came through which definitely got the eyebrows raising. The news evolved around the action along Four Mile Beach with the jelly prawn hatches which created an absolute amazing scene resulting in a mass feeding frenzy of fish. On the mornings of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday literally half the southern end of Four Mile Beach was littered with thousands of predatory fish feeding upon the newly arrived hatches of jelly prawn (approx 5-15mm in length). As can happen at this time of the year a good dose of rain immediately followed up by a string of real calm conditions is the catalyst for such an event.

There were all manners of fish hemming the jelly prawns up against the water's edge coming through and gorging themselves with the
delicacy. Queenfish, trevally, tarpon, salmon and also very likely dart, giant herring and barra were part of the commotion and this hatching was described by some long term locals as one of the biggest they've seen. The catch to all this is that the fish are only focused on eating the jelly prawn and conventional angling methods except for fly fishing cannot replicate the food source to entice a bite out of them. In turn this occurrence is a fly fisherman's heaven as they can create 'rice like' fly presentations to attract plenty of response and action from the fish. We go into a bit more depth in next month's Line Burner on the topic.

A bit further north there were similar reports around the same time at the Wonga Beach area with a run of prawns on the go and the queenfish were thick. On the reef there were a couple of reef charters conducted by the Dragon Lady over the weekend. By this point the calm weather had completely disappeared and the rains returned with force. This made the fishing tough on the Saturday with literally no visibility beyond 20m in front of the boat. By Sunday the winds had increased but the rain had eased and catches were considerably better with some nice red emperor, large mouth nannygai, spangled emperor and moses perch coming back to the docks.

Looking ahead conditions look mediocre with winds expected around the 15-20 knot range with a few more showers expected. To see a repeat along the beaches we need solid rains and some calm days to go with it to re-ignite that back into gear as it did recently.

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