Weekly Report 21 Mar 14

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Weekly Report 21 Mar 14

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:49 am

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The window of opportunity which occurred over the weekend and at the start of the week was one of those times you have to take advantage of during the wet season. Calm blue seas and brilliant sunshine provided the perfect opportunity to hit the blue highway and explore the reef.

With a few charter boats still completing maintenance there was the Saltaire operation ready to go and they made the most of the conditions. Over the weekend they did some reef fishing and they enjoyed tremendous success securing some thumping coral and bar cheek trout up and around the Undine and Mackay reef systems. They also tapped into quite a few solid large mouth nannygai and Skipper Damian Collete said it was a day of quality fish and not about big numbers. This changed slightly a couple of days later where they explored all types of fishing and had a blinder of a day.

On the troll they caught over a dozen Spanish and scaly mackerel plus they caught half a dozen tea-leaf trevally on the lures as well. They popper fished for giant trevally across the reefs and caught half a dozen bruising fish with the biggest in excess of 20kg. Then they completed some reef fishing and caught around 15 large mouth nannygai mostly around the 3-4kg mark with the odd one pushing up to 7kg. Damian said they basically turned reels for the entire day and the couple they had on board were shown a great exhibition of fishing and vow to return to the region in a couple of months.

The local boys up north at Princess Charlotte Bay aboard the Reel Chase, PD Sportfishing and Akoonah Angling operations are reporting some really good fishing as well. They are catching quite few big barra between the 80-95cm range and mostly around the entrances of small creeks. They've tangled with some mighty king threadfin salmon with the biggest just under a metre and these fish are absolute dynamite on the end of the line. They pull like a freight train and they also like to canon out of the water in spectacular fashion. The reef fishing has been absolutely first class for the likes of coral trout, emperor and nannygai. They did say via satellite phone that there are a lot of toothy critters swimming around the reefs including monster tiger and hammerhead sharks and you wouldn't dare even contemplating jumping in the water.

Looking ahead the next 3 days look like the pick of the weather in regards to the wind but will have associated showers and thunderstorms thrown in the mix. It's 0robably one of those windows to keep a very close eye on in regards to making safe choices on the water.

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