Weekly Report 28 Mar 14

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Weekly Report 28 Mar 14

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:08 pm

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The week gone by I guess can be summed up as indifferent mainly due the weather conditions we experienced. Overall there was not a lot of wind involved however when the rain came in, which was often, it brought with it blustery conditions and then it would settle. There was a fair amount of rain dumped at times with 6 inches or more recorded in a 12hr period at some places across the region. It really didn't give you much confidence to fully commit to a full on assault when it came to planning a fishing trip.

However when it's your livelihood you have bite the bullet and get out amongst when the clients demands. Saltaire Charters headed out a couple of times recently and somewhat struggled to recapture the good form they experienced last week. Neap tides and winds basically hampered them from achieving premium results but the best success came from their reef fishing efforts. A range of good sized coral trout and large mouth nannygai was the positive outcome, however the pelagic fish in the name of mackerel and trevally had dispersed and were nowhere to be sourced.

News from Princess Charlotte Bay however has been excellent with our local fleets up there recording healthy numbers of barramundi, many of them around the 75-85cm range. There have been plenty of other species on the go as well including king and blue salmon, queenfish, trevally and estuary cod. The boys are saying there is always something on these inshore systems to keep the anglers occupied. The reef fishing on the other hand has been also been superb, probably bordering on being exceptional. Everything they are catching is super sized including monster coral trout, large mouth nannygai, emperor and the yellowfin tuna are everywhere. Actually I've just got off the phone from a client who has just got back from Princess Charlotte Bay and he said it was the best trip he's ever done. From the helicopter flights, to the fishing, to operational set up, he said it was first class all the way. It's good to receive this type of feedback.

Looking ahead we still have a day of predicted calm weather and the tides are handy. Further afield the weekend however looks like it is going to be moderately windy with associated showers so maybe a time to stay closer to home.

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