Weekly Report 11 Apr 14

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Weekly Report 11 Apr 14

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:22 am

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The centre of attraction at the moment has been the tracking of the Cyclone Ita system as it appears to drift slowly towards the coast. Models are indicating that it will cross north of Cooktown around the Princess Charlotte Bay region. Quite a few of you would know that we have a local charter operation working north at the moment at PCB and they will be right in the firing line. Whether it be a Category 2-3 system the boys will have no option but to head deep into one of the rivers systems, batten down the hatches and ride out the storm as it passes through.

Whilst on the topic of cyclones, I do have an issue with the way the media, particularly down south, beat up the story and puts everyone into a panicked frenzy. They portray that the entire Far North will be wiped into oblivion which is so far from the truth. I know of quite a few cases whereby people planning to come to Port Douglas, including large groups have cancelled their trips completely because the information they are being told say that you could be walking into a disaster zone. They have no idea what economical ramifications this has on our community and there is no accountability on their behalf - it stinks!

What's been happening on the fishing front? Well not a great deal to be honest, mainly due to persistent strong winds and some handy rainfall as well. There was one report from the reef conducted on a very sloppy day and the skipper indicated they were catching good numbers of coral trout and there were quite a few Spanish mackerel being caught on the float as well. Other reports have mainly come from the inshore fishing which has also had it challenges. There's still a lot of fresh coming down the Daintree River and the back waters have faired the best. There's a few jacks around in these arms and also pools of midsized tarpon. Live baits have been almost impossible to find but there's been some nice grunter caught across the flats using fresh dead baits.

In the local Dickson Inlet estuary there's been a few good barras caught near the entrance along with some nice flathead whilst the mangrove jack are fishing really well in the upper reaches when there is good run in the tide. In the deeper holes there's been a few good fingermark around and there's also plenty of catfish about which is not ideal but they do put plenty of bend in the rod. Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing has an inkling that there will be some good activity locally for quite a few weeks and the summer species may just stay on the bite a bit longer than usual at this point.

In the meantime we'll no doubt receive some strong winds due to Cyclone Ita but the weather looks like abating at the start of next week and hopefully continue into the Easter weekend.

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