Weekly Report 17 Apr 14

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Weekly Report 17 Apr 14

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:43 am

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The cyclone saga began last Thursday with the local marina being ordered by the Harbour Master to evacuate all boats into the upper reaches of the Dickson Inlet. From all reports this went rather smoothly except there was some instances where boats had tied their boats off to the mangroves completely blocking any further access up the creek arms. In some sections a lot more boats could have fitted into the smaller arms which offer more protection, but were forced to lock down on more exposed open waters. It is an issue which continues to arise each time an evacuation is called.

From this point on it was time to bunker down for a few days until the storm had passed. From reports the Daintree catchment area received the most significant rain in the area causing the river to flood and it sent a deluge of water down river causing significant damage to beaches in the area. The huge amount of debris flushed out to sea will be an issue for boaties for some time to come and has literally created a minefield of dangerous obstacles floating on and just beneath the water surface.

Following the cyclone by late Sunday the majority of boats had returned back to the marina and focus turned back to work with a few days of decent weather forthcoming. Charter operations on the reef resumed early in the week and the first reports indicated that there were quite a few good 'trouties' about and there were numbers of Spanish mackerel around. Weather conditions did not completely calm out following the cyclone which was expected and the seas were still a bit lumpy.

The rivers and creeks have slowly recovered and should be in way better shape as we speak and should be an ideal place to fish this weekend. The upside to all this is that the local beaches and coastal will be inundated with another batch of fresh food and when the weather calms down it has the potential to really fire up. This may have to wait momentarily as we are expected to have 20 knots winds to contend with over the Easter Weekend with associated showers. The bigger vessels should be able to work without incident out on the reef whilst the small boat brigade will have to remain inshore.

Enjoy the Easter break and here's hoping to a better run of weather for the remainder of the month.

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