Weekly Report 23 Apr 14

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Weekly Report 23 Apr 14

Post by Brad » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:46 pm

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It was definitely a busy few days over the Easter weekend and at least the weather sort of behaved itself which was pleasing. It was good to see that the tourists numbers were healthy which was a bit of concern following the cyclone. The winds never really dropped out to picture postcard standard but the seas at least remained workable.

The news coming from the reef has pretty much remained the same as last report. The waters on the inner outer reef systems are still not ideal following the copious amount of freshwater we've received along the entire coast of Far North Qld mainly due to the massive rain system Cyclone Ita left behind. This hangover of fresh water could easily remain around for another week or so until the currents take their effect and move on this dirty water. There are sections of reef with some really bottle green water but from what I'm hearing the best water quality is definitely on the outer edges approximately 20 miles offshore and further.

The coral trout can be sourced at most locations but they have been a bit finicky. You'll pluck a few from each spot and then you'll find yourself having to move on. The large mouth nannygai are best sourced in the deeper sections but as mentioned they are more receptive towards the outer edge of the shelf. The average size has been around the 3-4kg size and the bigger models just don't seem to be around momentarily. The same can be said for your Spanish mackerel and locating those cobalt blue waters further out wider has reaped some nice rewards.

The rivers and creeks are almost on the mend and the local Dickson Inlet has seen a variety of fish kicking around including mangrove jack, mid sized trevally, grunter and bream. Jake Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing says the bottom of the tide has been generally quiet and the better action has been mid to high tide and the first part of the ebb when there's a bit of run in the water. The mangrove flats between Port Douglas and Cooya Beach have seen some good action mainly in the name of grunter, blue salmon and Christian Webb of Trinity Sportfishing landed himself a ripper of a King Threadfin Salmon which are not so common in our area.

The immediate forecast suggests winds around the 15-20 knot mark and the precipitation will continue in the form of isolated showers. The region really hasn't dried out much since the dumping from Cyclone Ita and seems set to continue for awhile longer. All charters will remain on the job without too much interference from the weather.

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