Weekly Report 1 May 14

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Weekly Report 1 May 14

Post by Brad » Thu May 01, 2014 12:32 pm

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You only need to take one look out the window to see that 'Happy Days' have returned. Brilliant sunshine and calm seas are on the agenda and there's a sense that we are in for a good roll. The landscape is on the verge of finally drying out and there's the hope that we have left the wet season behind us.

There's been quite a bit of activity out on the reef and a couple of our local charters have had a brilliant run on the Spanish mackerel. There's pockets of reef which are holding substantial numbers of mackerel and once sourced it is a matter of trolling over the same patch of turf to engage a strike. The mackerel have been mostly around the 6-8kg range and are having a go at a range of presentations including hard body diving lures and the old favourite garfish on a wog head. Operations have recorded in excess of 20 plus mackerel in a session once they have sourced the honey pot.

The news further down deeper is that the coral trout are peppering away nicely and the large mouth nannygai have found a new lease of life. There's also good numbers of gold spot trevally at some of the deeper hangs and they add great sporting value. Traditionally the month of May can be game breaker for reef fishing and with water temperatures dropping the fishing can ignite into a plethora of action.

Our rivers and creeks have taken a battering in the last month but have settled nicely at the moment. The Daintree River for example has undergone a transformation following a good flooding and there's plenty of new territory to explore in the form of fresh snags and more open water especially in the upper reaches. Reports say the golden trevally are around closer to the mouth, the grunter are sweeping across the flats and further upstream there a thick numbers of tarpon to have a play with. The weekend neap tides will only assist with better water quality up there and favourable results should be forthcoming.

Our local inlet has also seen a bit of action recently with plenty of mid sized Gt's scooting through on incoming tides and as usual the mangrove jack fishing has been consistent amongst the heavily snagged areas. With some nice conditions on hand our coastal inshore reefs and island will be worth having a look at and will be holding substantial bait life. There should be some nice queenfish in the area closer to shore and headlands, and the reefs and isolated patches should have a few Spanish mackerel lurking around as well.

It has been awhile coming but these are the days you really want to take advantage of and the fishing can be awesome whether you choose to hit the blue highway or plot your way around our local tributaries. Good Luck !!

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