Weekly Report 31 May 14

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Weekly Report 31 May 14

Post by Brad » Sat May 31, 2014 7:16 pm

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It was so pleasing to finally experience some good weather over the past week despite the winds moderating once again. For a few days there we saw the ocean flatten out and the water turn to turn a brilliant blue which was a calling sign for many to take advantage and head offshore. The fishing didn't disappoint either !

The Dragon Lady Charter registered its best run on the fish for the year slamming into the large mouth nannygai schools. These fish can seriously come on the bite overnight at some point during May and this occurred recently. During this calm spell fishing as deep as possible produced the goods and the nannygai clambered all over their baits with up to hauls of 20 plus fish per day. The upside to this is that they were your big fish mostly around the 7-9kg range and things were very hectic on the decks at times. Skipper Steve he was delighted with the results which spread over a few days and he was just itching for that nice calm weather to come along. Add to these a range a coral trout, reef mangrove jack, spangled emperor, bowen snapper and quite a few Spanish mackerel mackerel caught on the float, the tally for each day was quite impressive.

Jack Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing also experienced a brilliant day's fishing the inshore reefs during one of those glamour days. They caught and released dozens of large mouth nannygai which most were of legal size. He said normally on these inshore reefs you tend to catch a lot of juvenile models but on this particular day they were mainly keeper fish. They also came across a big paddock of school mackerel and spent a joyful time casting lures and plastics catching as many fish as they wanted. His time spent up the creek was a bit more productive than previous weeks when the weather was bleak and mentioned they have been catching some handy mangrove jack and the bream are big and aggressive. There seems to be plenty of live bait to source around the place which will entice your bigger fish to have a crack. He did say they've caught a few muddies as well which is a bonus.

Looking ahead we are expected to see the winds stay around that 15-20 knot range and it appears the isolated showers will set to continue. The bigger vessels will continue to head offshore but the small boat brigade will have to stay closer to home in the short term.

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