Report 17/06/14

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Report 17/06/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:25 am

The weather pattern so far this year has certainly been the most testing I’ve seen in nearly two decades as we find ourselves in the middle of June still dealing with steady rainfall, dull and overcast days and plenty of wind. I could count on one hand the days you would consider to be reasonable over the last few months – basically since the Cyclone Ita in early April.

Anyway, there’s not much you can do and the upside I guess is that we are looking at a half decent forecast leading into the weekend which will not be taken for granted.

We did experience a couple of nice days late last week with Saturday being a pearler but it was very short lived. Local charters certainly took advantage and the fishing results were very pleasing. Several operations trolled lures and garfish for mackerel and enjoyed tremendous success. The Spanish are around in healthy numbers at the moment and multiple catches were the order of the day. Both Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady and Damian Collete of Saltaire Charters both turned reels with regularity and said they weren’t big mackerel, mostly around the 6-7kg range, but there were plenty of them around. Both also indicated the reef fishing was a bit patchy around that full moon period which can often happen but it didn’t seem to deter the mackerel.
Jake Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing took advantage of the weather during this period and scoured the coastal reefs and patches closer to home. He reported solid catches of good sized large mouth nannygai around the 5-7kg range, several grey mackerel, truck loads of bludger trevally and a few coral trout using soft plastics. Jake said all it takes is for the good weather to come along because the fishing along the coast has been extremely productive whenever he has had the chance to do so which has been rare this quarter.

Hopefully the coming weekend will see the tables turn in favour of the angler. Talking to a lot of locals around the place, everyone is champing at the bit to get out and have a decent crack at the fish.

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