Report Mon 24th Apr 06

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Report Mon 24th Apr 06

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:18 am

I can gladly report that the rain has finally stopped after what has seemed like an eternity. The downside is that there is still a fair bit of wind around which is making bluewater trips uncomfortable.
Those keen to brave the elements on the reef have been rewarded with reasonable hauls of coral trout. Water temperatures have dropped a bit and punters are finding them in good numbers up in the shallows. This has been fortunate because conditions have forced anglers to anchor in the shallows in the protection of the reefs. There are plenty of other not so notable reef species mixed in with the trout catches.
In the rivers and creeks we have received a massive flush out and are just waiting for some water clarity to return. The action is already warming up at the mouths of our systems where the majority of the bait has been flushed to. Barra, trevally, small queenfish and grunter have been the dominant catches. Unfortunately there is also a contingency of catfish present, but hey, they put up a great fight on light line.
With bigger tides arriving as we speak and hopefully no more rain, the coming days should be quite productive inshore. Water temperatures have dropped considerably and this will see a few more winter species come on the bite. If the wind can subside in the meantime, I anticipate the fishing to really fire up in all departments.

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