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Report 27/11/14

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:35 pm
by subeditor
The weather has and is forecast to roll along nicely with a couple of showers thrown in which will make things a bit steamy. I can’t remember a day this entire month which has been unfashionable and it’s been an incredible run of weather conducive to hitting the water.
The last reef fin closure finished on Sunday and from most reports things have got off to a slow start since. Daily trips have been quite scratchy and a lot of manoeuvring around on the water has been required to source enough numbers of fish. Skipper Steve Adamson said he was hoping for a better result as the fish can feed quite feverishly immediately following a spawning period but it was not quite the case. He said they poked and prodded around for a few coral trout, the nannygai were on the medium to small side however the gold spot trevally were around in okay numbers and the size was respectable up to 6kg.
I’m hearing that those who have spent the night on the water are reaping the rewards whereby the large mouth nannygai are well and truly on the chew and there’s a few quality red emperor in amongst the catch.
On the game fishing scene the marlin are still biting on the local grounds. Talking with Jake Wyatt of Port Douglas Sportfishing who has been running the deck for the marlin season on Amokura, says they’ve picked up 3 marlin in the last two days fishing at Opal Ridge. This has brought their season tally to 55 marlin in total and with still around 10 days of charter left for the season he’s very confident they’ll exceed 60 marlin for the season which is right up there with the best. He said there has been a lot of traffic on Linden Bank with up to 20 boats working the same patch of water and being that bit further north Opal Ridge has also seen quite a few boats but not as many. Out of the two locations he says Opal Ridge has produced more fish this season from what they can gather. He also mentioned that there are plenty of wahoo around as well as good patches of dolphin fish. They’ve also experienced some brilliant action further wide on the yellowfin tuna aggregations.
Enjoy the stable weather we have at the moment, who knows when it will come to a halt.

Lynton Heffer
Ph: 0409 610 869

Re: Report 27/11/14

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:36 pm
by subeditor
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