Report 28/7/15

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Report 28/7/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:53 pm

Weather conditions reared up at the start of the week with blustery southeast winds hitting the coastline, but the good news is they should abate over the coming weekend. Prior to this there were a few glamour days and there was a stream of boats heading to the reef to take advantage. On the ground, locals reported good catches along inshore patches and around wrecks accounting for a variety of trevally, mackerel species and also nailing some nice nannygai from off the bottom. Charter vessels also saw a variety of fish hit the deck, with fish being busy right through the water column.

Steve Adamson of Dragon Lady Charters said there was a bit activity on all fronts despite the neap tides during the calm spell. Coral and bar-cheek trout were a very popular catch. There were some thumping gold spot trevally on the move and the large mouth nannygai were reasonably consistent. There was the odd occasion when the bottom fishing slackened off, but the pelagic species went into overdrive to make up for this. Steve said at one point they were attending to the mackerel float more often the bottom rigs. He said the Spanish turned up in their droves and were voracious in their appetite. Despite the lack of numbers of reef fish there was more than enough mackerel fillet for the clients to take home. He said a good sized mackerel would easily feed a group of ten and there were plenty of mackerel in that category.

As a bonus, several big cobia at around 15kg came along as well and were partial to the floating rig, adding significant gusto to the surface action. All in all, good weather equates to good fishing with at least something working at fever pitch no matter the tides or whether it is deep down below or up on the surface.
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