Report Wed 10th May 06

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Report Wed 10th May 06

Post by Brad » Thu May 11, 2006 6:13 am

Water temperatures are remaining stable, hovering around the 26 degree C mark. This has seen the barra here and there or nowhere, as they prepare to shut down for winter. Catches have been recorded in the middle of the day when the water is warmest using softer live baits such as garfish and sardines. Queenfish and trevally are on the hop as they sweep through on the incoming tides. They are hunting in packs, sourcing bait schools and demolishing them. There is not a great deal of size in them but they are a heap of fun when they are in such an aggressive move. Morning tides have seen them bite the best.

Offshore, the reef fishing has been a little sluggish after such an explosive impact a couple of weeks ago. In saying this we are on the cusp of better tides and catches should improve dramatically. Common catches at the moment include coral trout, large mouth nannygai, Spanish mackerel and trevally species including the odd bustling GT. At the moment we are experiencing fresh to south easterly breezes and this will only keep the water temperature down.

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