Report 16/9/15

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Report 16/9/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:43 am

After being left in the doldrums after an ugly phase of weather last week we are now back to the glory days with idyllic conditions at hand. This is perfect timing for the start of the school holidays which sees the town bursting at the seams with a tsunami of tourists rolling up on our sandy shores, many with intention of wetting a line during their stay.

Despite having to deal with some ugly weather at the start of the week the local reef catches remained positive with an array of fish reaching the docks. The Dragon Lady charter rolled with the punches under relatively tough conditions and still managed to bring home satisfactory numbers of large mouth nannygai, coral trout and Spanish mackerel on the float. To add to the mix they sourced good numbers of sweetlip, gold spot trevally, moses perch and some cobia. Skipper Steve said they had to hide from the weather but a low tide during the course of the day helped to settle the swell and made anchoring and fishing manageable. He said however he is looking forward to the next batch of weather and with neap tides on offer he is hoping for some good results on the ‘reds’ fishing in the deepest water he can find. He said in the conditions that are forecast he doesn’t mind making the trip further north to grounds that they don’t often get to fish and the quality and quantity can be better.

Port Douglas Sportfishing has spent most of their time up the local inlet in the past week in the sheltered waters and fishing guide Matt says there’s been a bit going on with catches of mangrove jack, mid sized giant trevally and fingermark keeping punters on their toes. With a likeable forecast he’s looking forward to getting in some coastal reef fishing in the coming days.
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