Report 6/11/15

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Report 6/11/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:43 pm

The glamour weather looks set to continue in the near future and competitors in the Port Douglas Marlin Challenge starting today will be counting their blessings for such ideal conditions. For the next 4 days a 5-10 knot breeze is forecast and with likely tides at hand the fleet will be hoping for a positive outcome. News on the ground however is that the heavy tackle black marlin season overall is yet to hit its straps with numbers of genuine big fish down on previous years. According to a couple of skippers in the know the currents are gradually changing and water temperatures are close to being prime. For those involved in the local competition they are hoping to change the trend and relying on the Linden Banks and Opal Ridge regions to bring on that bite they are famous for.
As for the general fishing on the outer reef it has shown no sign what so ever of slowing down. In fact the fishing seems to have got better which against the grain with the warmer days at hand. The other day I got a text from Dragon Lady Skipper Steve Adamson who was on the water at the time saying they had hit the mother lode. Steve is one not to exaggerate and when I witnessed the haul coming off the boat that day it was a sight to behold. It was a sea of big red fish mainly in the likes of large mouth nannygai all between the 7-10kg range with several cracking red emperor around the 10kg mark thrown in. There was close to 50 fish just with these species and when you throw in a few coral trout, trevally and other bits and pieces a phenomenal day was had by those on board. Other days during the week also produced handsomely and the fishing was above par for the most. Just like last week they experienced another grey day with over a 100 trevally and slatey bream caught for the day. Steve said I don’t what it is but the ‘mother in law’ slatey bream are big predominantly buggers up around the 7kg weight. Other impressive catches during the week have been some nice big rogue Spanish mackerel, the ones that tend to cruise around as individuals and they have been around 20kg and better.
Looks like it will another busy weekend at the local boat ramps with good tides to play with.

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