Weekly Report 29/2/08

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Weekly Report 29/2/08

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Feb 29, 2008 12:21 pm

Hooray! The Richmond river has reopened after the big fish kill in January, although the coast from flat Rock to Keith Hall remains closed except for mackerel and tuna fishers over the reef at Black Head.
Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop has popped the champagne corks but he’s still mystified about the beach closure, which also affects the seaward sides of the walls. Apparently the closure is to protect juvenile fish from trawlers but why rec fishers shouldn’t be allowed to work the beaches is a bit of a riddle.
Bruce says there have been whiting and quite a few flathead in the river, lots of bream just under and over legal length and a couple of small school jew taken since the reopening on Wednesday evening. There are shedloads of mud crabs through North Creek and the main river.
The beaches have been producing whiting and flathead but the seas came up on Friday and beach fishing will be a problem this weekend. Try on the river side of the south wall for jewies on lures and bait.
There have been mackerel outside, both spotties and Spaniards but could be hard to get to them for a few days.
At Evans Head a few Spaniards were taken at South Reef on Tuesday but they’re hit and miss at this stage and the big swells and wind this weekend should keep them safe for a little while yet.
The beaches have had some nice bream, whiting and dart with patches of flathead as well. Not too much in the way of tailor but once the sea settles after the blow and the baitfish school up again there should be some action.
Evans River has bream, whiting and some flathead with fish moving upstream above the Iron Gates in better numbers.
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