Weekly Report 16/10/09

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Weekly Report 16/10/09

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:20 am

Bruce at Dave’s bait Shop says there’s nothing to report from outside, thanks to incessant winds for over a week.
Up the Richmond River there are flathead, jew and a few bream, with the whiting on the bigger tides starting to show up as well. Mud crabs are right up the main river, Broadwater and beyond, and also in the upper reaches of North Creek and Emigrant Creek. There’s the odd school jewfish at night from the RSL Club area and around the town wharf, where apparently some young swimmer was mouthed by a shark this week – with all the baitfish there and the deep water, it’s not the safest place you could think of taking a swim!
I haven’t been at Evans since Monday but I can’t imagine there’s been much joy on the beaches and rocks and little chance at heading offshore. The river has flathead and whiting and when the seas are up, you could always try for blackfish around the walls.
Bruce and Rhonda Legge, Dave’s Bait Shop, River St, Ballina, 02 6686 2481

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