Weekly Report 26/8/11

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Weekly Report 26/8/11

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:44 pm

Squidgy at Ballina Bait and Tackle says there’s a fair chance of getting outside this weekend after a few days of wild winds. He recommends snapper at Black Head, Riordans and Pipis, jackets on the 32s, and the shelf for kings, bar cod and blue eye.
The river is fairly dirty with fresh water pumping out. Best fishing is from Pimlico down and the bream are of a good size, with quite a few fish approaching a kilogram.
Salmon are still in the river and on the beaches. A lot of good bream around Patchs Beach and Broadwater, with mullet strips and garfish going well.
Emigrant Creek has a lot of runoff but clean water at the high tide.
Night should be best for the jew and tailor but you’ll get salmon whenever.
Flathead are there but they’re mainly small and a lot of undersized ones in the bottom end and Mobbs Bay.
The Evans River hasn’t copped as much of a fresh and what there is coming down in tannin-stained rather than muddy. Still good bream especially after dark and everyone is hoping those tailor come back in at night on the high tides. Blackfish around the walls and in the Bream Hole.
The beaches, rocks and offshore are unknown quantities after a week of crap weather but the tides are good for a surf jewfish and there should be some bream around as well – if the salmon haven’t frightened them off. Snapper usually come in close after a sea like we’ve had although the new moon isn’t the flashest time for a morning effort.
Brett Hyde, Ballina Bait and Tackle, Ballina West Shopping Centre, 02 6686 2527

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