Weekly Report 30/12/11

Brett Hyde
Ballina Bait & Tackle,
Ballina West Shopping Centre
Ph: 02 6686 2527
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Weekly Report 30/12/11

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:18 pm

Brett Hyde at Ballina Bait and Tackle says the big shakers and movers over the past week have been the small school jewfish from the breakwalls. They mightn’t be large but they have been plentiful and have been caught on hard and soft lures, worms and fish bait. Brett says whiting are spread from the Richmond mouth to Pimlico, with plenty of people catching a few fish but not too many catching plenty. Live beach worms are better than preserved ones and bloodworms are even better, while freshly pumped yabbies will also take good whiting among the pickers. There have been some reasonable catches of flathead along the Porpoise Wall and the lower river rock walls, with fish to around 3kg available on lures and bait. A few patches of bream have been haunting the creeks, with fish to 30cm taking hard lures and soft baits.
Mud crabs are coming in from North and Emigrant creeks and the main river but there are plenty of empty drops and undersized crabs for every decent muddie. Stick by your traps and dillies for the next few weeks, ‘share farming’ is rife. Visitors should be aware that traps are banned from Burns Point ferry to the mouth of the Richmond and from the bridge to the mouth of the Evans River, although it is legal to use deploy witch’s hat-type nets and dillies. Some of the bush lawyers are quibbling about the possibility of being busted in possession of a trap in the red zone when setting forth for an upstream crabbing mission.
If the trap is not in operating condition – baited and ready to go – and the boat is heading upstream, there’s little likelihood of Fisheries officers being too interested. That’s unless you’re without a current fishing licence and feeling cheeky.
Blowing like a mongrel at Evans Head all week but there have been some bream, whiting and flathead in the river and blackfish around the walls. Whiting also in front of the surf club very early and late in the day, too many swimmers at other times.
Brett Hyde, Ballina Bait and Tackle, Ballina West Shopping Centre, 02 6686 2527

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