Weekly Report 5/4/13

Brett Hyde
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Weekly Report 5/4/13

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:31 pm

Squidgy at Ballina Bait and Tackle says there are bream in the lower reaches and up to Pimlico. The walls are best, with bream also hitting prawns on top in the middle of the river at times. Flathead from the ferry downstream, mostly school fish. Blackfish from the walls on weed or cabbage. Crabs from Pimlico down and in the creeks.
Beaches have bream, flathead and dart with whiting taking worms and pipis. Flat Rock and the breakwalls have some school jew and bigger ones, along with drop bear 130mm Squidgies.
Spanish mackerel off Ballina and spotties down at Riordans with good snapper out on the 32s. Big current out wider.
Still some mackerel, trag and snapper off Evans when the boats can get out. Bit blowy Thursday-Friday but looking better for Sunday.
The river has flathead, whiting and some bream biting best at night. Also the odd school jew off the bridge.
Beaches reasonably good for bream, whiting and chopper tailor with better tailor and school jew off the headlands.
Brett Hyde, Ballina Bait and Tackle, Ballina West Shopping Centre, 02 6686 2527

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