Weekly Report 7/6/13

Brett Hyde
Ballina Bait & Tackle,
Ballina West Shopping Centre
Ph: 02 6686 2527
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Weekly Report 7/6/13

Post by Tony Zann » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:30 pm

Brett at Ballina Bait and Tackle says the swell has been up all week but some pros went out on Thursday and a couple of rec boats on Friday. If you don’t get offshore on Saturday, it’ll be early next week before you’ll get out again.
He says there have been good tailor from Brunswick to Cape Byron and down to Lennox Head with fish to 5kg at night on cut bait. Choppers have been around Black Head and the Ballina breakwalls, with a few down to Broadwater Beach. Quite a few jewies around with fish to around 14kg on live bait.
Bream around Lennox and Boulder beach, also some good school jew. Blackfish are coming in along the breakwalls but weed is scarce so you might have to harvest some cabbage. Don’t do it in the Marine Park sanctuary zones, you can fish there but you can’t get bait.
Watch the estuary perch in the river and let them go unharmed, they’re spawning at the moment and we need them all to do the job for more EPs. Bream have been going well in the Bream Hole and along the Porpoise Wall but bait at night seems better in the Bream Hole. School jew at Wardell bridge but the pros are netting the crap out of the place.
I’ve been away all week so I really know nothing about what’s been biting at Evans Head. River looks nice and clean, so the bream will be wary but plentiful.
There’s the odd breaking wave on the bar around high tide and the beach has about 1-1.5m swell. Should be worth a throw from the rocks or the beach tonight for a jew, bream or tailor and there should be some good reds and jew outside.

I’ll be away on holidays for 5 weeks. Brett says he is going to enter each week on this report page a reply about what’s been happening, so keep coming back for fresh reports! Some of the other reporters may also do the same.

Brett Hyde, Ballina Bait and Tackle, Ballina West Shopping Centre, 02 6686 2527

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