26/05/06 Weekly Report

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26/05/06 Weekly Report

Post by Tony Zann » Fri May 26, 2006 4:33 pm

Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop says a few bream are starting to move into the river but there are still good whiting and flathead from North Creek right up to Woodburn. Blackfish coming through in dribs and drabs but steadily improving and weed is available.
Tailor on the beaches have been the movers and shakers with Shelly Beach, Sharps, Pontoon Rocks and Flat Rock the pick spots, especially after dark. Whiting and bream also going quite well.
Snapper and pearlies on the 48-fathom reefs. Mackerel are fairly patchy but a few around at times if you’re lucky.
At Evans Head the spotties have come on at long last, with as many as you want around 4kg down on the Middle Ground between Kahors and the South Reef. Some days they want only slimies, which are best caught between the bar and Half Tide, while other days they’re content to chow down on pillies or whatever else you want to throw at them.
Beaches are fishing quite well with flathead and bream in the gutters for the plastic-tossers, whiting in good numbers on worms and even a few on pipis as well as the dart. Sea has come up a little, which would help, because it's been dead flat all week with only one breaking wave. Schools of white pillies and a few froggies on the beaches most days and the tailor are chowing down on them. They’re mostly choppers around 35-45cm but there are a few nice ones mixed in. The bigger fish are best after dark on cut bait but I scored a great 4.77kg jobbie on metal at daybreak on Wednesday.
The river is also fishing well, particularly at night on the big tide, for heaps of bream and some rather good whiting.
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