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Report 17/3/17

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:54 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Things are bad at the moment due to all the rain. If we get as much rain as they're predicting this weekend, we won't get clear water for 3-4 weeks.

At the moment you've maybe got an outside chance of muddies up the creeks, but that's really about it.

Mid to late next week there should be more options, including targeting jew from the walls. A number of species will get pushed to the mouths, with concentrations of flathead, bream and whiting showing up as the sediment settles out, which can take around 4 days to a week. The bream will hug the rock walls taking lures, and the flatties will wait in the deeper holes, avoiding the silty water as best they can.

The weather we've had probably spells the end of the mackerel season. When boaties can get out, their best bet will be to head wide to the 32 fathom line and beyond, either bottom bashing or chasing dollies.

Once everything settles down it should be worth heading up the creeks to chase bass and EPs on spinnerbaits and hardbodies.

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