Report 9/8/19

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Report 9/8/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:24 pm

Still no rain so conditions have been tough in most rivers. That's not to say there's no fish around, they have just been spread through the system.

Outside has been fishing well, with most making the effort to travel to the deeper reefs as it has been hard for most in the shallows.

The wide grounds have been fishing well this week, with some great kingfish, amberjack and sambos. Livebaits, slow jigs and large plastics have been taking their fair share of fish this week. Snapper and pearl perch have been in good numbers in the 40-60m mark. In close has been a struggle for many, with patchy reports most of the week with the odd angler getting a few fish.

The islands have been fishing well, with good numbers of kings and tailor making up most people's bags. With the odd snapper thrown into the mix, it's been a good time to be outside on the Coffs coast.

There have been some XL bream patrolling the beaches of late, with really good numbers and some great sized fish.

Jewfish have also been fishing pretty well for the experienced angler. Chasing tides and selecting good fresh bait can mean all the difference when looking for jewfish.

Some great sandy and dusky flathead have also been on the cards, with light weighted baits and small plastics working well.

Tailor have been in great numbers, with most taken on ganged pillies and small slugs. Some great sized fish up to 4kg have been caught this week. As the weather gets warmer we should see dart and whiting start to fire up so the next few weeks will be promising.

There have been some great tailor running this year. We had a early run of good greenbacks and even the odd salmon. Great sized bream have been also running the ledges when fishing for pelagics, and if it's a tough bite the bream are always there to turn a reel.

Jewfish have been few and far between. There have been some great reports north of us but Coffs has been slow this week, with only a few people lucky enough to knuckle a couple. Live baits are still the most popular method, with the odd fish taken on plastics or hardbodies.

Kingfish have been patchy but a few anglers have been getting stuck into them this week. The best fish I heard of was 7kg.

As I mentioned earlier, fish have been widespread through the system. Finding bait schools on the sounder and targeting fish with a variety of lures has been working well for me. Small blades, plastics and deep diving hardbodies have been effective, and changing up methods can be all the difference between coming home with fish or finishing empty-handed. Once you have found the bait, try different methods until you find one that works. Sometimes it takes me three lure changes before I find the right method to get fish keen on my offering.

Bream have been in great numbers this year, with some real brutes getting taken from the mouth of most rivers.

Jewfish have been hugging the deeper edges and drop-offs in the system, and once you find them on the sounder it just takes time to work out when they're feeding and what to offer them.

Great numbers of trevs have been keeping anglers entertained, and small stickbaits and light weighted plastics have been working well.

Flathead have been a big thing here on the coast of late. A lot of people subscribe to the 'big bait equals big fish' theory, and I have been surprised at some of the quality fish taken in the shallows.

Until next time, stay safe

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