Report 4/10/19

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Report 4/10/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:43 pm

So it has been a great week weather wise here on the north coast, a lot of good reports this week as we kick off the NSW school holidays. Days have been hot, still no rain and fires burning west of us smoke covers the city centre. It has been really dry, with some upper section of the rivers coming to barely a trickle. We are in need of rain but that doesn't mean the fishing has come to a halt.

This week a lot of people heading wide found some great bar cod in 100m+. No reports of blue eye but I'm sure there were a few around. A lot of talk around the place about pearlies this week, some really good quality fish. Most people were finding good numbers in 40m+ with the odd tusky and snapper, which makes for a good day on the water. Kingfish still around most of the islands with the odd tailor as well. Small slugs and stickbaits were on the cards for most anglers, but the ones who took the time to jigbait found the larger models. A live slimy or yakka is hard to resist, and that's when the larger fish will make mistakes more often. Small mac tuna and bonito have been schooling bait to the surface, and small slugs and stickbaits worked fast when the bait is boiling have been working well.

Tailor have been really patchy. Bream are still around in good numbers keeping most people entertained. The odd king has been showing up from time to time to test people's gear out. Drummer and groper are still around, just not in the same numbers they were in winter. As the water warms up they look for cooler water, heading to some of the deeper reefs.

Bream have been widespread through the system and have been responding to surface lures as the water warms up. A great way to catch bream is fishing the flats with surface poppers and small stickbaits. Whiting are starting to fire up, and worms and nippers have been the pick of the baits. Flathead around the system have been widespread also due to lack of rain. Small plastics and hardbodies have been working well.

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