Report 22/2/18

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Report 22/2/18

Post by subeditor » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:21 pm

Starting in the rivers, anglers have been getting good whiting on baits of worm and yabbies, and bream numbers starting to pick up as we head into the good season for them when they breed. The months of our creeks would be the best place to start looking for big, breeding bream.
Flatties are also being found around the mouths of the rivers and creeks, and this action will pick up in the next few months.

Outside, small numbers of Spanish have started to dribble through, so it's worth having the gear ready, because they could show up in better numbers at any time. As for spotted mackerel, they've yet to found in any real numbers at all.
Black marlin are available for those who look hard, with a few specimens recently being reported in the 120kg range.
There's been a few reports of dollies this week, and while not huge at around 90cm to 1m, they're great fun, and even better eating.
Further out wide, dedicated anglers have been getting kings at certain times of the tide, but they've been having to travel to find them.
Snapper have been coming in with big seas, and this should still be going on. Big waves will have moved all the cunje, s the big snapper should be milling around in close.

In the freshwater, as is to be expected, the bass have been fairly spread out with all the extra water in the system.
Trout are getting caught in better numbers now for those heading into the hills to ind them. With the heat subsiding, now is a good time to get stuck into the trout.

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