Report 29/3/18

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Report 29/3/18

Post by subeditor » Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:45 pm

Starting offshore, it seems not many boats are going out because of the nasty weather we've had, but the water is sitting around 25 degrees celcius around the light house, and a few yellowfin tuna have been taken from this area.
Around the fish traps, wave recorder along the continental shelf, dollies, wahoo and marlin are still being found by those willing to head out that far.
As you move in closer, snapper are really biting well with the recent rough weather and rain. Those wishing to bottom bash some of the inshore reefs with plastics can expect good snapper, trag and pearlies.

In the rivers, there's still plenty of whiting to be caught, along with trevally, flathead and the odd jack.
Al the fresh that has come down will mean crabbers will want to focus around the mouths of systems, with this fresh pushing the crabs downstream.
Those after bass should focus their efforts in tidal water, as the recent rains will have moved them down for their annual migration a little early.

Beaches and headlands have been fishing well when conditions allow anglers to do so safely, with good reports of tailor reveling in this rough weather, and the odd jewie getting involved as well.

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