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Report 11/5/18

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 3:10 pm
by Nicole Penfold
The westerly has flattened the ocean off a bit, making it easy to target snapper and mackerel in close. Along with the snapper there are a lot of pearlies getting about as well. You can get both species in about that 20-40m of water.

The mackerel are up in close, as the last of them pass back through. We've had reports of both spotted and Spanish mackerel.

Out wide there's been the odd dolphinfish. There are only a few reports of marlin; we'll have to wait until summer for catches to improve.

Around the headlands and beaches there's been the odd jewfish and a heap of tailor. Anglers are still picking up the odd flathead and whiting on the beaches.

In the rivers we've had a heap of bream, and a few blackfish and drummer are starting to show up on the rock walls as well.

The bass have shut down; the water has become too cold for their liking.


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