Report 18/5/18

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Report 18/5/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 18, 2018 11:36 am

Mackerel still are showing up a little bit, with both spotties and baries coming in at around that 10-15m mark. The water temp is around 23-34 which is pretty good for this time of year, although it should drop soon. There's still the odd big longtails out wide.

Snapper been starting to come on; we've had some big swell up to 4m which has brought a lot of them in close. Lot of blokes off the rocks are starting to get a few. You can also get mixed bags of reefies, including pearlies and goatfish, if you're going out wider. I haven't heard of too many leatherjackets just yet but when winter comes I'm sure they will too.

Wahoo and dollies are starting to come off the chew, but there's still the odd one getting caught.

In the rivers, the bigger sea bream are starting to come in as spawning starts. They're being caught from the beaches and headlands, and from time to time the tarwhine are caught with them. We're getting good run of flatties before they go dormant for winter. Shallow water is the key with flathead at this time of year, as they try to sun themselves.

Jewfish have just done their second spawn and they are starting to pop up in the rivers a bit more. 70-90cm is the average lately.

Rocks, drummer and groper are starting to come on. Blackfish are starting to make their presence felt too. Anglers have been catching feeds of garfish from the stones, and a few people have caught tuna coming in close to chasing the garfish schools.


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