Report 13/7/18

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Report 13/7/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:51 pm

Outside at the moment we've been seeing a good run of pearl perch and snapper, mixed in with other reef species like morwong. The snapper are being taken from 80m right down to 10m, putting them within reach of anglers in tinnies and kayaks. Although pearlies are typically only found out wider, one angler picked up a 4.5kg specimen in just 20m of water.

The kingfish are still around in good numbers around the islands and the lighthouse.

Out wide there's not much to report. The current is ripping out there, forcing people to move in closer. There's still the odd spotty getting caught, and the occasional marlin, but they're not really worth targeting given the other species that are on the bite. Most anglers are focusing on the snapper and pearl perch, and are dropping a jig down now and then for a kingy or samson.

On the beaches there are still plenty of tailor, ranging from around 1-3.5kg. But the amazing thing is that the salmon have moved in for the first time in years! It's a really good sign that the netters down south haven't gotten all of them. In the old days you could catch plenty of salmon here, so much so that the old salts used to throw them up the bank in disgust, but now that salmon are scarce people are keen to catch these fun sportfish.

The bream are into their spawn run and some big silver specimens are being caught. Anglers are getting fish up to around that 1.5kg mark, which is a nice size. There's also the odd jew being caught off the beach.

In close around the rocks and harbour there are a lot of blackfish getting caught.


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