Report 10/8/18

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Report 10/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:11 pm

Outside the snapper are really thick at the moment. The average size is around 35-40cm, with a few models up to 90cm, and they're being caught anywhere from 10m onwards. Some of the bigger models been coming from deeper water. There are some pearl perch and tuskfish (parrot) mixed in with them.

Good-size kings, amberjack and samsonfish have been coming on pretty thick over the last couple of weeks. They are getting jigged out of some deep water, with some people even going out to the 100m mark to chase them.

In close anglers are picking up good numbers of tailor. There are rat kings to 60cm and some nice bream mixed in as well.

On the beaches we've been receiving a good run of bream. There are dart as well, along with a few tailor and the odd soapy jew.

Around the headlands anglers have been picking up good numbers of drummer, blackfish and groper. You can also get the odd tailor and bream off the stones, of course.

In close towards the rivers there are big numbers of blackfish, with most being caught on green cabbage. The flathead have been coming in around the mouths of the river to spawn, and you can get larger models in a couple of feet of water.

Whiting are very few and far between.

Soapy jews are in good numbers considering that the rivers around here get heavily netted.

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